Michael M. Kokolus Custom Gun Stock Duplication

Pricing Information

Basic one piece bolt action of average length


Shotgun type buttstocks W/O throughbolts starting at...


Complicated type buttstocks W/O throughbolts


Shotgun type buttstocks with throughbolts starting at...


Forearms starting at...


Winchester & Marlin lever rifle forearms


Additions needed to pattern such as cheekpiece, l.o.p. etc..


Ebony fore-end tip installed (includes ebony)


Repairs to patterns


Labor rates $40/hr

To place an order or for inquiries:
Call us direct at 814-349-2403.

All prices on duplicating are plus wood.
(Plus sales tax where applicable.)
Please make sure you send us a blank big enough to machine as we cannot grow wood.

We do not accept credit card payments or Western Union Money Orders

Prices do not include the minor fitting of metal parts and sanding. This is the customers responsibility. We frown upon this service as we are usually shorthanded, however there may be times when we can. Please call for pricing. We do not fit two piece stocks at this time. Do not send us someone else's stock to fit and finish.

Blank and finished stocks

Gun stock blank and pattern

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